BBC .pls web radio files need refreshing every few hours

I was all ready to sell my DAB tuner yesterday after successfully setting up Volumio. The only radio I really listen to is BBC 6 Music (although I will listen to others from time to time), so I put this file in the webradio folder:

All was working perfectly for the first few hours, but when I tried to put the radio on later and it didn’t work. I thought maybe something had happened to the file, so I downloaded again last night and it started working again. But this morning it’s back to not working.

So I can only assume the file is only ‘valid’ for a certain length of time. It’s not a Volumio thing as such - the pls file I downloaded last night don’t work on my computer anymore either. I have to download the file again.

What options do I have here? Is there a way to link to the .pls file on the BBC website instead of storing a version of the file? There are .asx versions of the stream but I take it these are no use?

The only other solution I can think of is having a script that will automatically download that file every x hours and put it in the webradio folder to refresh it. I wouldn’t know where to begin with that though, and I don’t know what would happen if that script tried to run when I had the radio playing already.

Any ideas?

See this thread: auto-updating-tagged-radio-streams-bbc-t527.html#p1943

Ah, I did try searching but managed to miss this one. I’ll have a go at that now - thanks