Bauer crossfeed for headphones listening

Hi to all!
I’m here for suggest a feature for Volumio 2.
Lots of headphones amplifiers for raspberry are borning and I2S DACs often have headphones out, jack 3.5mm.
I have a Durio Sound Pro and I listen both speakers and headphones.
For a better headphones listening should be fine have crossfeed filter, here below Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP.
XBMC has already this feature, could you add it to Volumio 2 easily?

Thanks for help and for time spent for Volumio project!
Thanks a lot!

Nice idea, can you add it as an issue on the Volumio 2 Github repo.

We can keep track of it as a feature request a bit better on there.

I’m not registered on github. Can you add it for me please? Copy and paste my words.


Can’t it get a speaker update? They are more important for me as c1+ and hifi shield plays important role in my hifi setup.

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Read this:

Next Moode update will include crossfeed!
Four settings:

  1. 700 Hz, 4.5 dB - default.
    This setting is closest to the virtual speaker placement with azimuth 30 degrees and the removal of about 3 meters, while listening by headphones.
  2. 700 Hz, 6 dB - most popular.
    This setting is close to the parameters of a Chu Moy’s [3] crossfeeder.
  3. 650 Hz, 9.5 dB - making the smallest changes in the original signal only for relaxing listening by headphones.
    This setting is close to the parameters of a crossfeeder implemented in Jan Meier’s [4] CORDA amplifiers.
  4. Custom: Low Pass frequency and dB of separation as you wish.

I saw this myself yesterday, Tim moves fast!! I actually think moode is based on the old volumio, as there are volumio files still inside some of the moode directories. That codebase has been abandoned by volumio, and as you know is currently being rewritten from the ground up. So volumio can’t introduce new features as quickly as moode at the moment but we will get there once 2 is released.

I have always used Volumio, but Moode is quickly updated and now is my favourite player. I’m waiting new Volumio 2, it seems fantastic, hope to come quickly to install it on my raspberry.

just to make you wait…
volumio dsp.png

That’s fantastic! Hope we can have it soon…[emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39]

Sorry balbuze, one question!
I have an rpi b+, do you think is enough?
DSP functions take a lot of cpu…or no?
Rpi 3 is suggested?

Thanks for help!

You’re right, a lot of cpu is used. It works with a RPI2 as brutefir use several process and thus several core. Playing a flac 44/16 with brutefir + Bauer filtering and the following settings : filter length 8192 with 8 partitions (65536 tap filter ) / 64 bits internal res gives with the “top” command 9% cpu total load.
This can be different depending settings (available in advanced settings).
For RPI B, I think it should be ok with appropriate settings. I 'm trying to test but I have a problem with brutefir that dies immediately due to a alsa broken pipe. I did plenty of test and I don’t see which setting could solve this. This not due to cpu overload. Investigation is needed.
If you know things about brutefir feel free to contact me…
the bible :

edit : got it mostly working on RPI B : filter length 8192 with 4 partitions (32768 tap filter ) / 32 bits : “top” command 63% cpu total load

Thank you so much balbuze!
Unfortunately I have no practice with software, I’m only a user, but your answer could help me…9% for a rpi2 shouldn’t be hard for a b+!

I just would like to resurrect this thread and share some experience on xfeed.

I did a lot of “analog diy” on this by building and using active and passive xfeed circuits with success.
Since i listen using headphones most of the time AND the world becomes digital more and more this plugin is very welcome!

I “sideloaded” the Bauer crossfeed of @balbuze, which is version 0.0.2, to my current volumio install version
It works like a charm together with an external usb dac !!!

There is a possibility to enter corner frequency and attenuation level.

700Hz / 4.5 dB attenuation (standard Bauer setting)
700Hz / 6.0 dB attenuation (Chu Moy setting)
650Hz / 9.5 dB attenuation (Jan Meier setting)

What is would like to see is the ability to save the settings as favorite values.

All in all a masterpiece from mr. balbuze.
Wish my programming knowledge would be better…sigh…have a lot of ideas on eq’ing.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll add favorite settings as you suggested.

What are your ideas about EQ ?

Thank you for the answer and the good news!

I am very oldschool and i like (changeable) presets for sound.
I am not so much into adjusting parametric eqs without having a basis.

Maybe you know old receiver sets: They had switches on the front panel named JAZZ, CLASSICAL, VOICE and so on.
You could choose one according to your taste and vary it (at best) with treble and bass, seperately.

I liked that very much and it should be very easy to implement if there was an eq implementation already (which is there, from you?).

And there was another feature, when stereo came up, and rock music was recorded in “intense stereo” (first Beatles albums!).
Drums left, voice centered, lead guitar right or the like. Ugly and not natural but a strong proof that your equipment is Stereo!
There once was that magic knob where i am missing the English word: Panoramaregler. You had a possibility to mix the stereo channels
from fairly separated to mono by feeding left channel into right and vice versa using some resistors and a rheostat or pot.

I loved it. It sometimes is very relaxing listening to mono sound.

Just my 2-cents.

have you tested volumiosimpleequal ? A 10 bands graphic equalizer
three custom preset, and several other preset (rock,classic, voice etc)

For parametric eq, you can test volparametriceeq, a 4 bands parametric eq :

For mono output :

I use the 10ch EQ but … when loaded (it changes the chosen DAC for an alternative) and restarted the system it does not resume automatically playing from the queued list as always (that plugin also installed) … right? … is it intended?