BassOwl Hat

Dear VolumIO community,

some time ago I started to design my own Hat for Raspberry Pi and ASUS ThinkerBoard, powered by the TI TAS5825M stereo amplifier

This PCB is part of a bigger project, a VolumIO-powered Hi-Fi system with LCD touchscreen.

The board has also slots for adding two digital I2S microphones, for implementing an Alexa-like smart speaker.

It can be powered by a power supply ranging from 12V to 24V, and it will backpower the Raspberry Pi too, with all the required protections.

I’m very happy about the results, few days ago I got the pictures from the chinese PCB manufacturer, it looks great!

I should receive the first batch of 5 pieces within few days (parcel is already in Amsterdam), I really can’t wait to try it!

I’m writing this post to offer few pieces for free to someone willing to help me to create a proper driver. Something already exists (released by a TI application engineer), but most probably it will need some cleanup and adaptations to add microphone support.
W301278AS1K31  (2).jpg
W301278AS1K31  (1).jpg