Bass is extremely loud and distorted

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.878
Hardware: Asus Vivo PC

Just installed volumio for the first time and the playback is almost unlistenable, with the bass very loud and distorted. Volumio is replacing LMS which has run fine for several years. How do I adjust the settings?

please take a screenshot from the playback options.
Audio ouput
General playback options
Mixer type.

Just to avoid the obvious:
Between the DAC out and speakers everything remained the same?

uhm he has to set volume around 70 - 80% max…
at start volumio sets volume at 100% every reboot got the same shit.
this is a known bug … for me… i have it with all dragonfly’s
i got black, red, cobalt at home

Everything is the same setup and when I switch to vinyl or cd it’s fine. Here is one screen shots (only lets me do one). Volume setting is about 50%.

you could even put mpd client volume controle on
the problem is on every boot it says low but put on max volume if you ajust the slider it’s gone…

I was asking as it seems the bass is clipping. or if he’s has a (pre)amp , the input signal is to high.

The signal goes from the pc through the usb dac and unbalanced rca to my Sugden integrated amp. I suspect that the problem is due to the fact I’m using an older mini pc and inexpensive dac, but I wanted to try Volumio without buying a Pi and I liked the fact I could use my 2Tb drive internally rather then usb. I’ll try playing some more and see what I get as I like the interface so far.

I don’t know which Sugden you have, but they have a max input sensitive between 110mV and 200mV.
The dragon fly output voltage is between 1700mV and 2100mV. Try to reduce the volume output in Volumio to max 5-10%

Super, I’ll try that. Thanks for the help and replies.