Basic iTunes control plugin

I would like to see a plugin that allows simple control of iTunes.

That is, I am using Volumio as an endpoint for iTunes, I stream from iTunes to Volumio on a Raspberry Pi which is in turn connected to my stereo.

I am trying to set the Raspberry Pi up as a display for the currently playing song. I have a MHS35 3.5" touchscreen display case which is much too small to deal with things like playlists, but is just big enough to display an album cover and simple pause/play/last/next controls.

Unfortunately I’m not actually using Volumio to play, I’m using iTunes.

So I would like a plugin that allows those basic transport control commands to be fed back to iTunes from Volumio.

In the end I would also like to enable a simple RF remote control on the Raspberry Pi so I can pause currently playing songs with a remote when e.g. I get a phone call.

But it all starts with being able to get Volumio to tell iTunes to pause/play.