Banana Pro: any experiences?

I came across a new version of the Banana Pi, Banana Pro. More info here:
It has the same CPU (ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core1GHz), but with 1GB LAN, 802.11n wifi, I2S and I2C.
And it costs only €54.45 (for example, here:

It seems like an ideal candidate for a audiophile player: just a little more CPU power than a RPI, GB lan or n-wifi for flawless high-res streaming, I2S for connection a DAC (the original Banana PI misses I2S) and I2C for bitperfect volume control. Or am I missing something?

Maybe your missingvolumio compatibility :wink:

I understand, but how difficult would it to get it working? I mean it has the same CPU/SOC and NIC as the Cubietruck.

…and has a connection sata for a hdd :slight_smile:

SO: bring it on!
I’ll raise a developement request.

Hi there,
My i2s dac (diyinhk es9018) works perfectly on the banana pro.
You’ve got to install this image : …
then :
bin2fex /boot/bananapro.bin ./bananapi.fex
nano bananapi.fex
near the end of the file, change
i2s_used = 0
i2s_used = 1
since you’ve edited this file you can turn off the annoying green and blue leds by changing,a few lines below in [leds_para], leds_trigger_1 and leds_trigger_2 to “default-off”
save tehe file then :
fex2bin bananapi.fex /boot/bananapi.bin
shut down your bananapro
wire your dac on the 40 pins header :
pin 35 = LRCK
pin 36 = BCLK
pin 39 = GND
pin 40 = DATA
power your bananapro
The modules are compiled in the kernel, so no need to modprobe them
cat /proc/asound/cards should give you this :
0 [sunxicodec ]: sunxi-CODEC - sunxi-CODEC
sunxi-CODEC Audio Codec
1 [sunxisndi2s ]: sunxi-sndi2s - sunxi-sndi2s
et voila ! sunxisndi2s is ready to play all your hidef flacs
A big thanks to Igor Pečovnik !