Bamboo speaker powered by Volumio


I just wanted to share the results of my first Volumio project: a semi-portable bamboo speaker.
It mainly consists of cheap parts, but it sounds pretty good considering.

The speakers are bought cheaply second hand. Other parts are a Pi 1 B+, TPA3116 amplifier, on/off circuit for the Pi that I made using this schematic:

2017-07-29 19.06.50_1.jpg
2017-07-29 19.08.32_1.jpg
Volume control is from the amplifier, the other buttons are next, pause/play and previous using the GPIO buttons plugin

2017-08-16 20.39.40_1.jpg
The button on the back is the on/off switch. The LED on the back turns red when the PI is powered and blue when Volumio webUI is running.

My thanks to the Volumio team for making the software part so easy!

Nice work [emoji2]

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