Bad Android App


When I select an album with the Volumio Android App and want to play it, I can not get to the Play Button because it’s hidden.

See the screenshot

Could you please fix the problem?

Hi Dippes, yes, we will fix it. Thanks for reporting

It has been a while and nothing has happened so far, as I have just seen, the plugin was last updated on the Playstore on July 12, 2018, although there were still many bugs to be fixed, for example, it reacts when there are some Time is always sluggish and loses the connection to Volumio. So I have to close the app and start again. This is unacceptable because it is not free.

Is it still maintained at all?

I also have the problem of the app constantly disconnecting.
i.e. Select a song to play> put phone to sleep > listen to it for the duration (4-5 mins)> switch phone back on and its disconected. The Swirly ring in the middle just turns and the only way to get out is to close and re-open the app.

Pretty sure this is to do with power management, Ive tried doing what I can by diasbilng battery optimisation and allowing it to run in the back ground. All to no avail
This doesnt happen in a browser, a browser will reconnect in a few seconds and carry on where it left off.