B&O PentaPi volumio streamer

B&O Penta Pi

Hi, I want to share my lates Volumio build. B&O Penta was originally made both as Passive and active. The active had a 150 Watt amplifier and a display that show the playing source and volume level. BeoLab Penta Active Loudspeakers

This is a passive B&O Penta so I gave it a Raspberry Pi3+ Digi+ amp and a Pydpiper LCD and an Apple Remote. Close to the original setup, just moved 30 years forward in the streaming days.

Inside the B&O Penta runs 6 wires that I use for the IR and LCD.
LCD: GitHub - dhrone/pydPiper: A general purpose program to display song metadata on LCD and OLED devices

IR: [PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread - #278 by ashthespy
Only changes to the apple lirc are a change to volume plus and volume minus, as this was not in the lirc config

Final Mount

Raspberry PI is mounted on the bottom for now by cardboard, but I will 3D print a Pentagram for it another day.

Black masking to make a frame.

Mounted and working

All can be reversed. No harm to the original speaker.