B.Media Streamer

Same as a lot of people, bounded to a home office and having additional spare time as daily traffic is no longer needed. I started a research for a possible replacement of JRiver, I looked for a small streamer and stumbled upon “Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra”, which runs on Volumio. So I checked the trail of Volumio and was impressed. But replacing all conventional HiFi equipment to free some desk space, not what I had in mind.
So build one yourself… how hard can it be?

  • Old cabinet from a DAC (KGUSS DAC-K3)
  • rPi-4-8GB
  • 2 push switches
  • 2 LED’s
  • 1 OLED SS1306
  • Design software from Scheaffer, to design my own front.
  • Some band aid (fingers and Stanley knife have a close relationship)

Final result:


Like it!!!
How did you get back- and front-panel done so nicely


Very interesting, so they produce on demand with a customised panel?
Which materials? And the product, brushed/polished panelling options?

I’ll investigate as well, but your answers may be very helpful for a lot of other users…

They have design software, that guide you through the design
Here is a link what they can deliver/do.
Options on material:

You can have them drill holes, sink holes, round corners, print text,…
For every handling they will charge additional. The panel I designed cost 54 Euro, and 8 days to produce. But it looks much better then making it from plastic or wood.
Total project cost is 130 euro. (panel, rPi all other materials I didn’t need to buy)

The designer looks like this:

And as you can see, it was my first design. I missed the holes in the corners and the opening for the display is a bit to width.

very appreciated reply, especially with the screen shots you supplied!
The rest I think I can figure out, downloaded the sofware to have a look.