Available Audio Output Methods on Pi 4?


I have recently downloaded and installed Volumio v2.692 to my Raspberry Pi 4 and I have some questions about audio output. From the testing and some reading that I have done, it appears it does ‘not’ support the following audio output methods:

a) The 3.5mm jack does not output audio
b) Bluetooth (sending music out via bluetooth to a bluetooth enabled A/V receiver)
c) Airplay (send music out via Airplay to a Airplay enabled A/V receiver)
d) HDMI out to A/V receiver (when I connected the micro HDMI out to my PC monitor with built in audio, I could get audio on the monitor, but when I move the Pi to my A/V receiver, I’m unable to send HDMI audio through the receiver)

It sounds like one can purchase a USB to 3.5mm to get sound to an A/V receiver. Are there any other methods?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, there is another method: https://forum.volumio.org/list-i2s-dacs-for-raspberry-t1103.html.

Thank you for this… I think I just try streaming over USB to 3.5mm to start with since I’m pretty much only streaming online radio stations. Maybe if I move to higher quality music sources, I look into the add-on boards.

Now that I have received my USB to 3.5mm adapter, when I attempt to playback online radio stations through the USB to 3.5mm jack (then 3.5mm to RCA and into my AV receiver), the volume is low when compared to the same stream (TuneIn Radio) that is played / built into my Pioneer A/V receiver.

I am wondering if it is possible to increase the internal volume of the Pi so that the USB volume is higher?

After some Googling, it looks like possibly something related to maybe ‘alsamixer’ or ‘amixer’? If possible, I would like to try to increase the volume bit by bit until it matches that of the TuneIn stream. Then I can just use the volume control on my A/V receiver.