Autoplay when phone just connected to network


I was looking for plugin but no success.

It would be great to have autoplay last radio station when I’m configured device with specific IP/MAC address just connected to network.

for example: my Volumio device have static IP gained by router and when I’m coming home I’m automatically connected to WiFi network as well with static IP as well. It would be great to have radio ON when I’m opening doors and when I’m leaving radio is automatically shutting down when IP/MAC is not available in range.

Yeah that would be a really nice feature and what I have seen around here it may not be unsolvable if someone with the right skills put their teeth into it! :wink:

Meanwhile ther is a pretty neat plugin that autostart’s the last radio channel on power up

That was first plugin that I’ve installed.

now I’m trying to write script which will ping specific IP adress and if its pinging back its sending command in console socket.emit( ‘play’) and when it’s timeout socket.emit( ‘stop’)

2nd solution is app on android phone which will work in background and if I’ll connect to specific wireless network it will send command to start on local IP and when it just disconnected from network send command on external IP (as I have static internet connection)

the problem with 2nd solution is that I’m not able to connect with volumio from external network and this solution doesnt work :frowning:

Nice idea.
In my house i use Domoticz, with this i can accomplish just this.
On my phone i have an app with a geofence that will trigger a virtual switch on Domoticz “on” when i arrive at home and “off” when i am leaving.
In lua i can make a script that starts my Volumio with the command “http://volumio.local/api/v1/commands/?cmd=play
And when i leave the house it sends the command “http://volumio.local/api/v1/commands/?cmd=stop”.
As i understand that is exactly what you want.

God damn it !
I just realized how the feeling of recovering from a brain bleeding must be!
Was digging back in 20 years old memory banks and found some old Unix scripting knowledge and with some syntax help from Google I solved it :wink:

counter=1 while [ $counter -le 10 ] do if sudo ping -c 1 &> /dev/null then wget else wget fi echo $counter ((counter++)) sleep 30 done

It works! but i’m confident that there is a more sofisikated way to solve this problem :laughing: :laughing:

Haha, nice one, Sonoskiller!
Nice challenge to make this one easier, i don’t think its possible.

From what I see, using the plugin it should not be a hard work using the plugin"wifireconnect" as base. Just some adjustments… It will be difficult to have a look this week, but somebody wants to try…

I made a first diirty plugin for this. I can’t spend more time today but if you want have alook and correct me ! :smiley: … yonconnect
Only the field ip needs to be filled, the other one is not in use… First alpha…

Hi balbuze

Unable to save IP address

Yes, as I wrote it’s just a first work. I’ll try to work on it tonight. Please wait :smiley:

If you are still interested by this feature, I think you’ll be happy ! …
more details : … yonconnect

Once you have set the IP to monitor, if this IP is detected on your network, only the first time, it plays the queue. And it stops if your IP desappears.
Feedback welcome ! :smiley: