Autoplay when external DAC is detected

Hi there - at first i’d like to say hello to everyone around! I’m new here and this forum helped me alot in the past.

I’m using Volumino with an Raspberry 3B+ and an external DAC via USB (Pro-Ject MaiA) and it works perferctly fine.
Now my question: Volumino stops Playback when the external DAC is turned off. Is it possible (via script) to set an autoplay (e.g. the last track/internetradio) everytime the DAC ist turned on an detected by Volumino? That would be so great.

Thank you in advance, Max

PS: English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part! :exclamation: :wink:

Python script via comand lsusb…

Thank profd! Unfortunately im a total noob at linux/volumiuo scripting :confused:. Does somenone has a link to a tutorial or could write some lines if its not too complicated? That would be so nice.
Thanks, Max