Autoplay Webradio after disconnecting to Spotify Connect

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to volumio but i built my first system with a Pi Zero W and i’m using it for 2 weeks now.
I’m using volumio as a webradio. I also added the “Spotify Connect Plugin” to stream my spotify via smartphone.

Now my question: is it possible or is there a plugin, to autoplay the last played webradio (before using spotify) when spotify connect is getting disconnected?
I use the autoplay plugin after boot for the webradio and it works fine. Using spotify connect also works fine. But when i finished listening to spotify and want to listen to webradio again, i have to start it in the webUI again.

Thank you for your help!

This isn’t currently possible as Spotify Connect is considered a “volatile” service - i.e it’s not via mpd. Hence, the usual queue repeat options will not work.