Automatic subscription and refund.

On December 1, an annual subscription to MyVolumio Virtuoso was paid from my paper account. I didn’t want to renew, but you forced me a favor. On December 1, I wrote to Volumio support (via with a request to cancel the subscription and return the money. They promised to do it but then refused. Next, I opened a dispute with paypal. And also wrote Volumio Customer Service Today is December 15th. Complete disregard. I ask for a full refund.
Your job is terrible.

Dear customer,

My apologies for what happened.
We are always responsive and we listen to advice day-by-day , but also some complaints, that help us to grow in any case.
This is to tell you that your case has not been dropped, but we have simply not received any notification. It can happen …
It is not a problem in any case to provide the refund, of course.
However, we would like to understand the reason for your choice after a year of Volumio experience.
Here there’s my direct contact (better than a forum’s post ) :slight_smile: in order to provide more efficiency to your request.

At your disposal

Volumio tech support & customer service