Automatic launch on RPi2 ?

Hi all,

I’m a complete noob in coding and discovered that extraordinary piece of software thanks to a friend of mine who was using the 1.0 soft.
I run a little sports shop in France (be kind to my mistakes) and decided to use volumio to cast a playlist in the room. I use a Raspberry 2 model B+ and installed volumio 2.011 very easily.
It runs fantastic !! So a great, easy and fancy tool !! Thanks again to the whole community for developping this. As I wrote, I’m a complete beginner in coding and the installation was so easy, I even didn’t need any technical knowledge to run volumio.

At the moment, I power the RPi and connect my laptop to volumio.local/ to launch manually my 2546 tracks’ playlist. I also need to set manually the volume to 100% (I control the final volume through my amplifier) and the random and repeat options in the playlist.
Is there a mere code to launch automatically Volumio when I turn on the RPi with the only one playlist I made, set the volume to 100 and activate (by default) the random and repeat buttons ?

Thank you very much,

no one ??
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