Auto-start webradio after boot

Is it possible to automatically start a webradio station after boot?




Thanks! Is there a way I can force it to be a specific Webradio station?

Takes the first channel/song in the current queue

I see. But I would like Volumio to default start up with a web radio channel. I might have been streaming from NAS one day, turn it off, and listen to radio the next day by only switching on.

The documentation says “Starts playing the LAST entry in the queue after rebooting volumio” not the first as I said !

I use Autoplay in my garage player and I only have one entry in that queue. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s possible , but ask in the forums if someone knows how to load a playlist at boot

how to install the autostart plugin?


Link to the Plugins Collection


Link to the Autoplay plugin zip file … /auto_play

Download that file to your Pc

Upload the plugin zip file in the Volumio UI