Auto Login on Restart

Is they a way to enable auto login so my Volumio device doesn’t ask me for a password every time it restarts? I won’t have a keyboard or screen attached most of the time.

there is no need to log in… You acces it from a webbrowser

Rasbian is asking me for a login…

Volumio is supposed to run ‘headless’. You can just ignore login and use from a webbrowser on an other device on your network. If you want to display Volumio UI, install the plugin ‘touch display’
Do you run a RPI?

Actually, I disconnected the screen and the web interface is coming up without having to input the default username and password. It was a little confusing that it would ask me for that on a screen connected directly to my Volumio device and then connect to the web interface anyway.

is it clear for you now?

Yeah, everything seems to be working properly now. Is it set to a static IP address by default that will be the same every time it boots up? I couldn’t connect to volumio.local on android devices, but putting in the IP directly worked fine. I just want that to stay the same so I can bookmark that page instead of having to get a new IP every time I reboot.

Yes, I’m using an RPI 3b+.