Audirvana+ and Volumio via UPNP/DLNA: only 16bit/44KHz?

I’m streaming TIDAL lossless on my MAC book pro using audirvana+, and cast it wirelessly to Volumio which is connected to my home stereo, like this:

MAC Audiravana+(TIDAL) <UPNP/DLNA, wirelessly> RaspberryPi/Volumio --> home stereo

On Audiravana+, I’ve set max sample rate to 192KHz and bit depth to 24bit. But when playing TIDAL lossless, whatever track I try, Audiravana+ always shows the play is 16bit/44KHz. What went wrong?

A normal Audio CD is 44.1 @16bit … there are only a few CD’s outside in “better Quality” DVD or SACD for example.
Even if you have the (often) Japanese 24bit Versions, your CD Player will dither, because most are not able to process 24bit …

BTW You can connect to Volumio by Airplay, why using upnp?

I remember that I have a couple of hires ALAC Files
Here 24bit


I was assuming TIDAL would have tracks with higher resolution. And that’s the reason why I’m trying to use UPNP instead of Airplay: Airplay sample rate is 48KHz (or 44K?), and UPNP has higher sample rate. I wanted to hear if supposedly higher quality sound (from TIDAL, using UPNP) actually makes a difference in my setup (GoldenEar Triton Reference + Parasound Halo Integrated).

I don’t think that Tidal has other or better resources as other companies.
Keep in mind that a CD has a huge continuous data stream 2 x 16 Bit x 44,1 kHz = 1411,2 kBit/s … an example: CD Rammstein Herzeleid as FLAC Version is 378 MB an up sampling to 48kHz and 24 Bit is as much as 860MB and 2300kBit/s don’t forget FLAC Files are compressed but lossless.

What I would say, to receive and stream ultra high quality material needs very good flawless transfers and CPU Power … and if a company has thousands of user at the same time they need a very huge line :wink:

That makes sense. So I probably just should forget about uber sample rate and enjoy CD quality then.

Streaming via UPNP might result in the UPNP Controller (Audirvana) resamples because he thinks the player (Volumio) cannot handle the current bitrate\bitdepth.
This is IMHO what’s happening in your case.
That’s why I don’t recommend UPNP\DLNA for bitperfect playback.

Well, I was able to find 24bit/96KHz track on TIDAL and play via UPNP. Audirvana shows 24/96 and I did hear an improvement of sound, compared to using Airplay from Audirvana in which case 16/44.1 was shown.

I can confirm Audirvana will send the additional raw data for MQA (up to 24/192) to Volumio when it is connected to a DAC. My DAC recognizes and reports the MQA playing correctly.

Hope this helps.

@metaphored Please, can you explain a little better, do you use MyVolumio or Volumio. You have a MQA DAC, and and you have successfully managed to play Tidal MQA files through Audirvana plus on Volumio. I have mqa enabled dac and want to buy USBridge, and I’m in process of choosing OS for Usbridge.
Thank you