Audiophonics/Volumio collaboration: Any news?

Hi there!

I’m about to jump in the Volumio experience and narrowed my choices towards the Pi powered by the Audiophonics Sabre I2S DAC.

I came across the news from January announcing the collaboration between Volumio and Audiophonics.
I’m sure something great can come out of this!
Especially with Audiophonics!
Given their offer and engineering ability, we surely can expect something as simple as a dedicated DAC board for the Pi (like HifiBerry’s) and even more! Like stackable add-on cards carrying DAC, amplifier, a HQ PSU, even an all-in-one cased Volumio-powered hifi Pi… :smiley:

That’s something people here are surely interested in and that should be highly regarded IMHO, but…
There are absolutely no news since :frowning:

We still don’t know what kind of solution will come out nor when to expect it.
So… Any news?

Thanks for the update, because I might wait a little for it if there is some kind of ETA :wink:

Greetings from France.


Bonjour Alex, if you don’t hear from Audiophonics then maybe consider our IQaudIO Pi-DAC? It’s getting rave reviews and we’re making great progress with the Pi-AMP too. It’ll stack and we’ll have a couple of cases which will keep little fingers away. One case we’ll have for sale next week and the AMP is around a month away.

Michelangelo has been working on Volumio integration and the Pi-DAC even has build in hardware volume control. We’re looking at releasing a Rotary encoder based volume control soon too - this will plug into the Pi-DAC’s pre-populated I/O pins. Sample code (if you have your own encoder and fancy having a play with alas volume control) is on the IQaudio github site.

We will have many more Pi-DAC in stock next week (they are being manufactured now) and as we already have a waiting list for over 130 as I type, we must be doing something right!

You can follow is on @IQ_audio , visit our web site or drop me a PM for more details.

Very best regards,

Interesting product … Look like hifiberry :slight_smile:

Could we power your dac with an external linear psu ? If yes what are the voltage and amperage ?

Then if we have a busy gpio (ir, temperature sensor, lcd …). Is there is a way to order a dac without the gpio connector ? (I.e only the p5)



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Hi Francis, the Pi-DAC is designed to get the best it can from the Pi’s available power rails and be simple to use. It doesn’t expose a power in but you are more than welcome to hack the board to do such - you’d have to cut the 5v rail etc.

We supply the board in one configuration only - fully built - but again you could remove IO pins etc if you were to purchase one - just don’t expect any warranty on a “modified” Pi-DAC.

If you want to know more PM me.