AUDIOPHONICS RaspDAC I-Sabre V3 - Install a plugin

hello friends, I tell you that I have the same problem, since the last volume update, the power button flashes and my 5 "screen remains black, someone could guide me how to install the raspdac plugin using putty which is the scrip that I should use please.
thank you

I fixt my problem “Flashing Power-Button”
Finally, it’s very easy.

First of all, you go to this side:
At the bottom of the page is described how you have to proceed.

Use putty, start there with your IP-Adress.
login: volumio
password: volumio

Than follow the steps that described there. Thats all.

And after that, the power-button does’nt flash anymore. :smiley:

With best regards

thank you very much friend works well, could you help me install raspdac plugin 0.0.3 manually with putty

Does this break OTA updates?
edit: To answer myself, it doesn’t, OTA updates work.

Hello volumios,

I made a update yesterday and saw, that Volumio fixed the problem.

Take a look at the Plugin Management / System Tools there is a Plugin called Audiophonics On/Off.
Install it, voila, it runs perfectly.

Greetz and stay healthy in this difficult time

Good to hear it works for you :slight_smile:

Enjoy! And happy Easter :wink: