Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC ES9023

I’ve just installed this DAC a few hours ago and am very impressed at how it sounds.

I’m using it in my office system like this:
Ethernet from a Airport express Ethernet port > RasPi B + DAC > SMSL SA amp > Teufel speakers

In the Volumio UI, I chose the “Hifiberry” I2S settings. Some other setting I tried didn’t work.

Link to the DAC is

Note this DAC is not plug and play with the B+ RasPi. Better get a B version so it can be connected directly into the P5 header (solder the 8 pin header first) in order to keep the I2S connections as short as possible.

I adopted the same solution, there are no limitations due to the USB port
the only configuration I2S is working “Hifiberry”
DSD64 do not play, you have to do downsampling but they only play a few seconds. I suppose the CPU is not enough.