Audioengine A2+ speakers/dac -- newbie question

Hello – I’m planning on making a few purchases for a bedroom music station. I’m looking at a raspberry pi, audioengine a2+ speakers and whatever else I’d need. I already have nearly a terabyte of music on an external hard drive. I’m brand new to anything to do with pi/volumio/music streaming/audio gear.

One question: the A2+ speakers have a DAC built-in (according to the specs, it is TI/Burr Brown PCM2704C). Should I just use that DAC or should I go ahead and purchase a Hifiberry?

If I were to connect the A2+ speakers directly to the pi, what type of cables would I use? it looks like the DAC runs through the USB port on the back of the speakers; I can connect this directly to the raspberry pi with a USB cable, correct? Any issues with this setup?


Personally I would try the DAC in your speakers first. Yes just a standard USB cable to the RPI. Power up your DAC first then boot the pi. It should recognise it on boot up.

You don’t say whether you’re disk is network Ethernet or USB.

The pi bus is not extraordinary so if you do get some playback problems then an I2s dac like the hifiberry will help get some comms off the USB bus.

Hope this helps



the hard drive is USB.

would something like the cubox be a better match for a USB DAC + USB harddrive?

No idea but a firm believer in giving it a go.

There’s always a solution to these things and more people are using rpi + volumio.

After all if it does the job for you that’s the important bit :wink: