Audio streaming stutters and stops constantly.?

Hi everyone, I have a audiophonics raspdigi lte digipi+ that I finally got around to setting up. Unfortunately, its streaming quality is outright terrible as it only plays music for a few seconds at a time before stittering or stopping. All other wifi devices have a good connection here, and running cable is not an option.

Currently chain is audiophonics(volumio) -> USB -> RME adi-2 dac

Any ideas as to how to fix/troubleshoot this? Or some resources to start researching?

PI models below 4 have known issues on USB…
IMHO your best bet is to contact Audiophonics support, since you got your device from them

thank you my issue has been solved

It would be very useful to people reading this post in the future if you could detail how your issue has been resolved.