Audio settings

Hi, I use Volumio on a Pi with Hiberry DAC+. It is an awesome device. Recently I tried several playback settings, and what I saw is that when I change settings, I don’t here music anymore, so I change it back, sometimes with restarting. But I still hear no music. What do I do wrong. After many restarts I hear music again. Restarting (power off, power on) only works after having the power off for several minutes. Another question, what are my best settings? Output device is Hiberry DAC+, L2S DAC is on, model is Hiberry DAC +.
DSD Direct is on, DSD Autovolume is on, Volume Normalisation is on, Mixer control is Hardware, Mixer control name is Digital, MPD clients volume control is off. Resampling is also off

Thanks a lot, I am quite new here