Audio resampling and bit depth

Hello all,
Running Volumio on a Pi 4, all working nicely.

My question is abot the ‘audio resampling’ setting under playback.

If I set it to ‘off’ every thing comes out 48kHz according to my DAC (Musical Fidelity M1 SDAC), including my Flac rips of CDs. So I’m guessing there is some resampling going on, as the unpacked file would be 16bit/44.1kHz.

So, if I turn audio resampling to ‘on’, and target bite rate and target sample rate both to ‘Native’ does this mean its straight through, bit for bit?
And if thats the case what difference would the Resampling Algorithm Quality make, if, as it seems to me, there is no resampling going on.

Thanks in advance


Hi, I have just set up volumio on rpi4 connecting to CXA81 (cambridge audio) amp via USB port in hi speed digital cable (toslink or RCA not used due to not DSD playback). I am using monitor audio silver 500 speakers. There is definitely noise coming out from speakers during playback (like “tsik”). Do you encounter the same problem?