Audio playback via UPNP from youtube

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I am new to this forums and this is my first post regarding the new version of volumio 1.4. I am enyoing it on my raspberry pi at the moment.
I understand it is now possible to control Volumio via UPNP, but I do not fully understand what is possible and what is not possible, using already existing software.
I have several questions regarding audio playback on Volumio 1.4 and would very much appreciate your help and opinion.

  • Is audio playback via UPNP from youtube videos possible? Is audio playback from websites in general, possible and how can this be achieved? ( example: )
  • I would like to enjoy movies on my stereo speakers - wirelessly via volumio. Is it possible to somehow stream audio from a VLC media file to Volumio and enjoy the video at the same time? Has anybody tried this yet?



I’m not sure this is possible. Anyone else?

I hope its possible! I also want to stream sound of my movies and/or youtube to Volumio.


I found a solution to my request and I am posting this in case someone will benefit from my findings.

As of now, I found and successfully used 2 programs that allowed me to: Stream music from youtube via upnp/dlna to Volumio and stream audio only from video playing on my computer, again, to Volumio.
The two programs that allow capturing audio output on your computers soundcard are:
-Asset Upnp (payable). This is a media server only, so you will also need a controller (Bubble Upnp is a good start). Install Asset Upnp, use Bubble Upnp on your phone to control the playback. The function that we are looking for is found under /Advanced search/PC Sound Capture (WASAPI). It allows streaming in native audio format.
-Stream what you hear (free). It’s a server and controller in one little package. Does the same thing, but does not allow streaming in native audio fromat (it transcodes to mp3).

The bad thing in streaming audio output to volumio is DELAY. The youtube video or a movie that you are watching is going to be way ahead of your audio. Any ideas how to synchronise?

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It’s possible in VLC player to adjust the audio to be in sync with the picture, so a lag can be compensated for.

I was happily using SWYH with volumio 1.55 to play music from my pc, but it doesn’t seem to be working with volumio 2.0
Any ideas why?