Audio dropouts w spotify, raspberry pi, hifiberry

i am running a Raspberry Pi B with Hifiberry DAC and Volumio 1.51. I experience audio dropouts when listening to Spotify music, but not when listening to any other stuf from the NAS or web radio, including hi res. The dropouts occur infrequently, sometimes twice a an minute, sometimes just once in 10 minutes and last for 0.2 to 0.5 seconds (estimate). I tried wired and wireless network and it seems there is qute some time of inactivity on the network suggesting rather big buffers. (how big are they anyway?) I also run a Pi B+ with Hifiberry DAC+ and did not notice this effect yet, however this does not rule out they occur there too?
Anybody seeing this as well? What can I do to troubleshoot?

I have exactly the same configuration (Raspberry Pi B with Hifiberry DAC and Volumio 1.51) and have the same issues with spotify. Streaming Spotify from my Ipad with airplay gives no issues.

I did some research and the SD card seemed to be the issue as ning-yu noted here It was simply not fast enough. It should have been according to the specs but probably had some aging issues or the likes. However, usign a new one and adding cache_size = 200 did the trick for me. Thanks ning-yu!

yep I had same drop out issues. Just switched to faster SD card and made cache setting and turned off gap-less playback. Perfect now.

Just a shame I can’t have cross fade settings like in Spotify between tracks and the biggy for me is that I can’t see the temp playlist created in Volumio. I can select tracks and add to a playlist but can’t see them other than 1/4 or 1/5 … pants.

I had the same problem (Pi B with HiFiBerry Digi and Volumio 1.55). Thanks to advice given here the problem was resolved by going to a 16GB Sandisk Ultra UHS 1 MicroSD card. I felt more certain this would address the issue since I had stuttering even playing Spotify over HDMI to my TV.

Now it’s playing flawlessly through the Digi toslink.