Audio 359 Summer 2015 Update

Audio 359 Summer 2015 Update

Sit down & listen.

Alt-Hoeselt, Belgium - September 1, 2015 - Audio 359, a boutique web shop selling high quality music playback systems handling all your digital music, has expanded its product line and online presence. Here is a summary of what changed.

Dedicated Player/Streamer Page

Many customers are specifically interested in the Audio 359 Player/Streamer. They want to add this EUR 169,- component to their existing systems. We created a separate page describing the player/streamer as a standalone item.

The player/streamer combines a Raspberry Pi B+ with a HiFiBerry DAC+, a Wifi dongle and a 64 GB USB stick in a nice case with the Volumio software for HD Audio playback up to 192 kHz / 24 bit resolution.

Introducing the Audio 359 Small Set

Some rooms do not have enough physical space to accommodate the A5+ speakers on their stands. That is why we are introducing the Audio 359 Small Set, which combines our player/streamer with AudioEngine’s A2+ Premium Powered Speakers - for just EUR 425,-

The A2+ speakers have no competition in their size and price category, they sound truly amazing. Check out the reviews.

YouTube Presentation Video

We created a short (2:26) YouTube movie presentation of the Audio 359 philosophy of active music listening. We hope you like it.

Audio 359 Set One Datasheet

If you want all the details of the Audio 359 Set One on one piece of paper, you can now download the 2-page PDF datasheet and print it recto verso yourself.

Audio 359 Getting Started Guide

Every Audio 359 Set and Player/Streamer ships with a nicely printed Getting Started Guide to help you install and use your new system in no time. You can download and view the latest version of this 36-page PDF document.

Instagram Account

We have an Instagram account full of pictures related to Audio 359’s products and activities. Are you visually oriented ?

Twitter Account

We are using Twitter to send out short updates related to Audio 359’s products and activities. We might even share some music tips.



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