Asus Tinkerboard S & the new Hifiberry DAC2 HD -> Failed to open “alsa”

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: Volumio 2 (2.861)
Hardware: Asus Tinkerboard S
DAC: Hifiberry DAC2 HD

That ist my first post at the volumio forum.

I hope someone can help me.

When i try to enable IS2 and chose my DAC from the list and restart i get a error message (Failed to open “alsa” [alsa]; Failed to open ALSA device “hw:2,0”: No such file or directory" when i do play a song but when i select the DAC from the output device list it plays audio but no sound is comming out of the dac.

could someone point in the right direction to fix this problem


Asus has put a lot of effort in making various DAC devices, known from the PI, work with Tinker S and their support to the community has been excellent.
But, this does not mean that ALL working DAC devices on PI also work on Tinker S. I guess Hifiberry DAC2 is new and not one of them that does work without a kernel update.

Edit A kernel update is needed to integrate overlay “hifiberry-dacplushd”, but Asus has not done any new overlays for over 2 years.

I am getting the same error message (Failed to open “alsa” [alsa]; Failed to open ALSA device “hw:2,0”: No such file or directory) with the following configuration:

Volumio Version: Volumio 2 (2.873)
Hardware: Asus Tinkerboard (old board w/out S)
DAC: Hifiberry DAC plus

According to the compatibility list for Tinker Board (see also dacs.json) it’s supposed to work.

The same HAT works perfectly well in Raspberry 3.

Raspberry PI 3 is not Asus Tinkerboard, Asus only support a select number of DACs.
Tinker or Tinker S does not make a difference.

Yes, you are absolutely right. But you did not get my point: I just wanted to tell, that the HAT has no defect. Also the compatibility list tells something different: Except one other device some of the HifiBerry HAT are the only ones being supported by TB, including Hifiberry DAC plus.

Anyhow, I got one step further by selecting software volume control I got rid of the error message. The stream starts playing. But, still no sound?

Anybody any clou?

Finally made HifiBerry DAC Plus working with: Volumiobuster-3.051-2021-03-06-tinkerboard