asus tinkerboard + allo kali + piano 2.1 issue!!


I am quite happy to use Pi+allo Kali+piano2.1. But after I change my pi to asus tinkerboard (version 2.575) I found there are only few dac can be selected. Since I’m a newbie of these could anyone tell me how could I do.

Thank you very much guys. happymod

I’ve just stumble onto your note on the asus board along with the Kali reclocker and thought wow this is my day so either I reply to your note or I go out to buy a lottery ticket. Guess what I’ve decided…The reason I’m so happy is that I have an Asus board which I love, I have the Aso DACberryPRO+ and had just acquired the Allo Kali re-clocker to improve on the clock quality. Unfortunatelly I was not able to get it to work. This said, I am no programmer nor do I have any backgound in electronic. I’m just about 60 and having fun learning new stuff.

Still you seem to have succeeded in connecting the dots on your side and, therefore I thought that maybe you could help me and in return I’ll let you in on a well guarded secret. So far the best DAC for DIY is the Khadas ToneBoard combined with the Khadas VIM3L SBC. The sound resulting from it is just amazing and compares easily to the sound Units the likes of LINN and NAIM DACs. It’s a very good product that I expect to improve even further in the coming years.

Anyhow, let me know if you think you could help somewhat with the connections between the 3 boards.
Robert Audet