Asus tinker board

Hi guys

I have Tinker Board with latest Volumio (VERSION: 2.349, RELEASE DATE: 25-12-2017) and several I2S boards and confirm the result as following:

IQAUDIO – PI-DIGIAMP+: working out of box
IQAUDIO PI DAC+: not working, not seeing via alsamixer
502DAC as Hifi Berry Plus: not working, even seeing via alsamixer but no sound

Thanks for testing… I am wondering though if the Digi boards are working. They are not in the drop down lists.

Digiamp+ register as DAC+.

No i meant the digi+ boards. I have one but it’s only for Pi1. Which I can’t test off course.

I have an hifiberry digi+, what do you mean it’s for Pi1? I used it with Pi2B and 3B.
It’s currently not in use, but since the Allo isn’t supported on the TB (yet) I will try the TB / digi+ combination later this week.

It’s an old Hifiberry board suitable for the Picture version 1.
Called Hifiberry digi 3.0

My Digi+ doesn’t work on any of the four provided i2s drivers with Volumio 2.349 for TB…

@Allo, @michelangelo

Hello everybody,

What’s the Roadmap (if any) or what’s the latest news for TB + Allo digione?

Thanks again for your great products!

All best

Can anyone confirm if the TInker Board stock model (not S model) works with Hifiberry DAC+ hats on Volumio? Thx

I am quite upset with TB cannot support allo piano 2.1. I bought 3 TB for dac test but …



I’d like to know that can I use an Allo USBridge HAT with an Asus Tinker Board SBC? (with Volumio OS)

Thanks in advance!

Unlikely, I have not seen any drivers/ overlays coming past to support this.
And I know our Asus kernel support fairly well.

It’s so sad… :frowning:
This could be a kind of “rescue hero” for all user who wants to use USBridge further which is one of the best USB audio output HAT…
Who will be able to create the required drivers/overlays? (the Asus?) Is it possible to porting that from the existing Pi driver?

wait a minute, you mean the original one from the Sparky board?
The original one is not PI compatible, so you can really forget about it.
I was confused about the PI, that is a very different solution (Usbridge Signature with a PI compute module)

Yes, you’re right - I mixed up these too :frowning: Sorry.
The existing USBridge driver is for Allo Sparky (not PI)
The Sparky GPIO isn’t compatible with the Pi or Tinker Board :frowning:


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