Asus tinker board

sorry for the late reply, this seems to be a kernel issue.
The kernel is being maintained by Asus themselves, so little chance we can do anything for you.
Please address this issue on their forum and let us know how it goes (also when you get stuck).

Hi ,
in the ASUS Tinker Board forum I find your posts related to Volumio . . .
Would you like to address this issue to them , given if Volumio use their kernel it should be a Volumio issue to me as a final user . . . I’m not so skillfull talking about kernel . . .

I understand that, but you really need to describe the problem to them yourself because they will probably ask (with guidance) for more information (showing certain settings etc.) and that is where I would not be able to help, as I don’t have the Steinberg.
Please try with them first and come back here for help when you get stuck with them.

Today I had issue with eastern eletric minimax not recognize by volumio. Not sure if this is similar issue. How should I go about to trouble shoot ?

You could ssh into the tinker board and issue

lsusb -t

which would give us a clue whether and at what speed the DAC is being recognized.
Then do

lsusb -v

Note, this is likely to produce a lot of output, you might want to put that into a “code” block.

We’ll take it from there…

did somebody try Asus tinker board and digi + pro with volumio ?

It does not work.
We are in touch with ASUS to make an initial set of I2S DAC compatible with it.
Those include: hifiberry dac, hifiberry dac+, iqaudio dac plus.

We are in the final stages of implementation

Yes will do this. I am also having trouble with Chord Hugo and Chord mojo. I will do the same as above and report back.

Do we know when the new update for tinkerboard will be available ?

Yes, as soon as its ready :smiley:
We’re waiting for ASUS to fix a couple of problems on their new kernel, so no ETA

Can’t wait for the new version. :laughing:

List of DAC tested that work:

North Star Supremo
Musical paradise
Emotiva GO
Bryston BDA1
Audiolab Q DAC
M2tech young dac
Arcam rdac
Audio engine D1
Denafrips terminator R2R
Chord Hugo and Mojo
Leming DAC
Musica DAC

Was the SMSL M8a tested?

Are any I2S DAC HATs working off the Tinkerboard’s GPIO ?

From what I have read they are busy to get it working with Hifiberry.

It already works with tinker OS

Hi, earlier today I downloaded the latest version of Volumio for Tinkerboard (2.349).
The changelog shows some Allo products have been added, but not the DigiOne.
Assuming Allo drivers might be generic, I thought I would try anyway.
The good news is that the DigiOne survived (and the tinkerboard too.)
But the I2S dropdown shows only 4 entries, none of them from Allo.
The changelog seems to be generic, not platform specific.

How likely is it that the Allo DigiOne drivers will become available for the Tinkerboard?
Also the network link was only 100Mbit, is it possible to force it to 1 Gbit?

Hi, Allo i2s drivers are not ported to Tinkerboard (and not sure where you saw it…), so they are not compatible…

The change log link on the Tinkerboard download page links to:
And there the Allo’s are mentioned, e.g. the Piano 2.1:

So i have installed the tinker board with latest Volumio. So far so good…
I have chosen for the Tinker Board because of the non shared USB bus. Like the Pi.
And it does it with ease…
Yes the Pi had more flexibility but i am using an external DAC. So that was my main goal…

The Tinker board is running from a powerbank (2.1a). Reduces a lot of noise on the USB.

I have connected the tinker board by usb on a Cayin N3 DAP which can also run as a dac.

Tried some dsd 64. It’s the first time i listen to that type of files.

Dsd to PCM option in Volumio sounds good. The resolution on Volumio is 2,82Mhz 1bit. The DAC tells the same.

But when i set Volumio on DSD direct i get white noise over the music. I can hear the music without popping but it’s in the background.
Volumio is on 2,82Mhz 1 bit.
But my DAC is on 352.8mhz/24bits.

What’s wrong here? Looks like dsd to PCM option is the other way round?

I am thinking to order an ipurifier2 does it extend the listening quality?

At the moment i only see the Hifiberry and Iqaudio DAC.
No Allo.

No one?? I have tried to set the audio to 100% but no difference…

Do I have to post something to debug?