Assigning a static IP to Volumio

Hi, currently my volumio gets a different ip after every reboot or however that works. I’d like to assign a static IP to it so it’s always there.

If that’s its current ip (in current wifi info box), and I know my gateway ip - is this the correct info to set to make it static?

Or do I need to do anything on the router side?


That’s fine.

Alternatively, it can usually be done from the router, but either approach should produce the desired static IP address.

Router would be the way to go, if the static address is assigned from a device by itself which is not always online, there is always a chance of router assigning that IP to another device.

Thanks. Maybe someone can guide me on how to do that from the router? I have a recent Tp-link router that looks like this (settings).

If someone without the same router doesn’t show up, open the manual of it, settings static IP is something that is usually guided in there.

ah perfect, I think I found the directions. If anyone in the future needs - TP-Link Archer IP Address Reservation Settings (Give Permanent IP Address) - YouTube

Just remember to set the volumio device to automatic settings, before assigning from router.

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you don’t think they should be set to the same static ip?

Yes ofc, I always have two ranges … those for DHCP by the router, and those that I want to reserve to assign myself.

One more thing - when I reflash a new version, or use a different card, will that change the mac address? Or ‘this physical pi’ will always have that mac?

If you have set the static address via the router, then it should always remember the MAC address of your network adapter on the device.


The MAC address is hardcoded into the network card on your pi, it will never change. You have 2 options here, set a static ip outside the dynamic range that your router uses, or leave the pi on dynamic and set your router to always assign the same ip to it.

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Are there any rules or logic as to what those ranges can/should be? I have 10-20 devices on the network…

More or less as you would like … taking on board that routers usually offer a single contiguous range for DHCP leases. By convention only, 192.168.x.1 would normally be assigned to the router/gateway.

You’ve found your solution, but for others I thought I’d add something about IP reservations. Many talk about the “router” reserving the IP. Strictly speaking, it’s the DHCP server that does - it’s just that most modern routers have a DHCP server built in. The DHCP service is what allocates the IP address, and to ensure that your devices get the same IP’s every time, you can do what they call a reserved IP. That means that whatever IP the DHCP service allocated, it will continue to do so in perpetuity even if your device goes off line for a while.

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