Arvani Ergosound 2.1 Soundbar Help Identifying Components?

Firstly a big hello to all here at Volumio! I look forward to assisting wherever possible and in the same breath would love some advice on the topic below. This might be a long read so grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it

I recently decided to begin exploring the backend on embedded devices used for consumer home entertainment and audio equipment. I have intermediate knowledge as far as the subject is concerned and need some assistance on a project I am currently working on.

The plan is to run Volumio/XBMC/Media Server on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and use the device and integrate it into an existing hardware setup. For this project I am using a 2010 soundbar running mainly on Avnera Inc hardware (now Skyworks) as well as tons of Cirrus Logic components. This product has very little documentation or online schematics and/or datasheets. I am led to believe that this is some chinese spin off because there are about 4 different names with the same design and specs. FCC ID searches are a dead end because the licensing was kept permanently confidential.

The model I have is the Arvani 42 Inch AS42-210AS 2.1 Channel Soundbar with wireless subwoofer and there is little to no support for this device whatsoever. There are similar devices which include Arvani by Aurasound and then the Arvani by Ergosound and all have similar product numbers with little to no support. Below are some pictures of the hardware and I would love some advice on a few of these items.

1. What Microprocessor/Processor/Chip is this?

2. What communication method do I use to debug/read or write to this chip? The Service header has 26 pins. The chip has 100 pins, 25 on each side. Would I be using I2C, SPI, UART Could I Jtag it? Could I use GPIO on the Raspberry? Are these service pins common for read/write?

3. What would you call this PCB or circuit board? Is this a APU with integrated Amplifier? Is is a DSP Amp? If I were to look for other boards as reference what kind of board are we looking at?

4. The DSP PCB is connected with a ribon connector to the mainboard. It too has a 26 pin headless connection. Would this be used to communicate with the chip? If so, would you point me in the right direction? A pinout, diagrams, tutorial? Any help is greatly appreciated!

5. Final question. I am guessing the PCB below is a low level Amp? Or would this be a DAC? Forgive the stupid question but I am currently in unknown territory. On each side of the soundbar there is an AXP 2.1 Crossover as well as the Low level amp.

The endoal is to integrate Raspberry Pi as a media server/home theater system and then relay the Soundbars buttons through the GPIO as to power up both the Pi and the Soundbar as well as relay the Input button so I would be able to switch line in directly from the Media Center. Your help and assistance is very much appreciated and I thank you all for taking the time to help with this.