Artist View Images?

Hi dracolich

As I spend some time to figure out how title, artist and cover are used in Volumio,
I’m quite sure that the following statements are true (at least for version 2.246):

a) Embedded cover art is ignored - but is doesn’t disturb correct function of Volumio either
b) cover.jpg file in album folder works fine (about the Artist art I don’t know nothing yet, but would agree to your post)
c) I used 500x500 jpgs around 100KB , some definitively bigger without any problems

I hope you will enjoy your Volumio combo (I’m running the IQAudio also , and I’m really happy with it)
So long, SwissPhazer

Like yourself I spend a great deal tagging and having high quality album art.

  1. Don’t get rid of your embedded art. The next release of volumio will be able to read embedded album art. Plus if you use any other music player it reads embedded art so you might as well keep it.
  2. I use 1000px x 1000px 72dpi art for all my covers
  3. Volumio reads tags as well as folder names. I learned this the hard way the other day because some of my DSD files wouldn’t appear. Volumio reads Artist, Album Artist, and Album tags for sorting purposes.

Tips for Directory Structure

  1. You can use either a heirarchy or a flat folder structer. Meaning Music/Artist/Album or Music/Artist-Album or whatever you prefer. I use Artist/Album now so I can store Images associated with the artist for when I use Kodi or Emby.

i have also learned that Volumio does not read images inside the Artist subfolders but only scrobbles for artist images. It would be nice if it it searched for Local First then scrobbled

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Thanks to both of you! =)


So, any progress with Artist Art? Currently Volumeio doesn’t seem to be able to handle artist art other than attempting to download it from web - which is too often futile. Anyway I have all the artist art, and it is SO irritating that Volumio ignoreo it…

+1 for the ability in Volumio to look in the Artist folder for local art (probably needs some config options as the folder structure could be different for users) or one special folder containing pictures with the artist name

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+1 for any option to prevent seeing wrong artist pictures from!

Having the first option for local stored artists images would be nice to have. doesnt have all artists or even wrong ones!


Any news on artist picture?
Searching the web for artists produces weird results.
According to Volumio, Vincenzo Bellini looks like:
Nice trial but the truth is that Bellini was this man:

The only way I have found is cheating Volumio by saving the good picture but with the web found name.
In this case, the nice women trio was:
So I deleted this one and saved the real Bellini with the same name.
But this is quite nonsense, isn’t it?

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@Luis1 to be fair, the picture of the three ladies belongs to a German band called “Bellini”. If you go to, and search for “Bellini”, this is the first result. If you search for “Vincenzo Bellini” then the composer is displayed as the first result. Are you sure that your files are tagged with “Vincenzo Bellini” and not just “Bellini”?

But Volumio should allow to easily change the picture.
If the user accepts the proposed picture it is good.
But there should be an option for assigning a different picture.
I have all my artists (composers) tagged by their best known name.
For example I don’t write Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, just Mozart or Ludwig Van Beethoven, just Beethoven. Like this is easier searching for artist in alfabetical order.


For my personal taste i prefer the look of the Volumio finding…

Just kidding, but like Voluminous says, how should Volumio know your abreviations for easier finding ?


But you are not reading my proposed workaround: There should be an EASY option to overide the Volumio finding.
Mine is finding the good picture and renaming it with the Volumio name finding.
In any case I am considering uninstalling Volumio and looking for something more adapted to my preferences.
Por example the lacking of real random playing the complete list of tracks is enough to start looking for a different solution.
No information of track file path, for example, no information on which Volumio version is installed…
Nice trial but not convincing.
So, adios amigos, but thanks anyway for allowing an almost wonserful product.

if you ask for a banana, don’t think you will get a chiquita …

I’m a newbie here both to Volumio and setting up a media server on my Synology NAS. I was about to give up on Volumio when I could not get it to recognize my NAS via its Wired Network settings. But then I discovered that it actually did find my NAS when I stumbled upon Browse->Media Servers.

So now I’ve managed to get my Synology Media Server files indexed the way I want–which was no small task either since it appears media servers serve up ALL media files they find on a disk; which is not what I wanted.

Anyway, Volumio is working pretty well on my Raspberry Pi 2B and it now displays only the music files I want it to see on my NAS. So now I’m trying to determine how it (or the NAS Media Server) provides artwork. I get that it will display the content of “folder.jpg” if found under an album subfolder (e.g., /music/rock/Joe Walsh/The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get/folder.jpg) and that’s fine, but I would like a way to display just an artist photo/artwork; preferably via something like “artist.jpg” that is listed under an artist subfolder (e.g., /music/rock/Joe Walsh/artist.jpg).

Volumio is showing many artist photos already, but most of the grid icons are blank. So I’m assuming that the ones that aren’t blank are being derived from the Internet. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for local artists (of which I have several) who don’t have their albums and artwork published on the Internet. So can anyone here provide some insight as to how I might be able to provide some way to get local (and commercial artists) photos displayed in Volumio that aren’t currently being displayed?

My music file structure is: /Music/Genre/Artist/[Album]/Songs; where [Album] may be missing for a random mix of artist songs.

The easiest but time consuming way is this.
In the dir /data/web you’'ll find all html encoded folder names.

  • Copy the missing Artist folder form /data/albumart/web to /data/albumart/personal/artist
  • Remove the empty json file from these folders
  • Place your artist image as ‘Artists.jpg’ in the folder that you just copied
  • Repeat above steps for the missing artist.
  • When completed, got to Sources click on “Reset Album Art Cache”

The fun part, it might be possible you miss previously found Artists and you can repeat this again.
At this moment I had to create 904 folders where most are pretty known Artist and also known by musicbrainz. This is about a 20% miss.
Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Elton John, to name a few.
I’ve reported this a couple of times to @Volumio, but so far I have seen no improvements.

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Thanks Wheaten for the information, but where are the “/data/web” and “/data/albumart/web” folders located and how do I get to them. Those directories do not exist on my NAS media server and it appears I cannot connect with my RPi via SSH/PuTTY (connection refused).

Assuming those directories are located on the RPi and since Volumio is a headless system that appears to restrict access to the underlying Linux OS on it, it would be nice if Volumio provided an interface to those directories so users could more easily provide a way to add, remove or change data in those directories as desired or necessary.

I guess you didn’t do much reading, in regards to Volumio :wink:

SSH - Volumio Documentation.

And yes these are folders on the rPi. This is just basic Linux, which you should master if you want to fiddle with the system.
Enable SSH, download winscp and your good to go.


Thanks again for the information.

I managed to get RPi to not reject connection (had to add the SHA256 hash to C:\Users\me\.ssh\known_hosts file) and I managed to navigate to the folders you alluded to, copied an Artist.jpg image to /data/albumart/persona/“artist name” and reset the Album Art Cache to no avail. Resetting the cache did, however, wipe out all of the web artwork that Volumio was displaying and most of the RPi /data/albumart/web directories as well. So there’s obviously more to this mystery than just what you provided.

No it’s normal behavior.
The folder /data/albumart/web contains all online found files for your collection. Except for those that are in the /data/albumart/personal/artist folder.
If you reset, the web folder will be deleted and populated again when browsing the Artist in the GUI.

@Wheaten you saved my day, thank you very much! I needed to tweak your info just a tiny bit: when I renamed the Artists.jpg to artist.jpg it started working. Still: very happy to have found this info!