Artist search error when artist + albumartist differ

Hello -

Using Volumio 2.657 (also 2.632, maybe earlier too) on RPi3 w/ NFS mounted music library from NAS.

It seems there is inconsistent use of ‘artist’ vs. ‘album artist’ for indexing/searching. Specifically:

  • the ‘artist’ field is indexed and an ‘artist’ result will appear if you search

  • you get an error dialog (“no results”) when you click the search result for an artist that is not also an album artist

  • album artist will not show up in search results if it is not also an artist

This is especially evident for compilations/soundtracks.

Example #1:

  • Suppose your music collection is one song w/ Album Artist ‘Various Artists’ (ID3v2 ‘TPE2’) and Artist ‘Song Artist’ (ID3v2 ‘TPE1’,
    ID3v1 ‘artist’)

  • Browse > search for ‘Artist’ …

  • See artists result ‘1 Artist Found’ - ‘Song Artist’ - click and see ‘Error: No Results’.

  • no result showing ‘Various Artists’

Looking in logs, you see:

2019-10-30T07:32:05.604Z - info: CURURI: artists://Song%20Artist 2019-10-30T07:32:05.622Z - info: 2019-10-30T07:32:05.624Z - error: Failed to execute browseSource: Error

Example #2:
Say all your Beatles songs have artist ‘Beatles’ but Album Artist ‘The Beatles’ - When you search for ‘beatles’:

  • ‘Beatles’ will appear in artist search result, but will show ‘Error: No Results’ when you click it.

  • ‘The Beatles’ will not appear is artist search result

Note: The songs are playable once discovered - you just can’t browse there via the artist search results (or they may not appear in search results).
Note: In these cases the ID3v1 vs. ID3v2 artist tags are the same.

Please let me know if you have any questions or there is more info I can provide.
Thanks or all the hard work.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we had a regression in this regard.
We are working on a fix :wink:

Any update on this?

The bug also affects browsing “artists”.


“Bruce Springsteen” is the album artist, but artist is “Bruce Springsteen with E-Street Band”, “Bruce Springsteen with Friends” and some are just “Bruce Springsteen”.

Browsing “Artists\Bruce Springsteen” shows all the albums with the correct “Artist” tag and all tracks in the “Track List” can be played, but when you browse further into a single album its empty, if the artist and album artist are not the same, pressing back from here gives “Error - no results”.

I’m running newest version from Dec. 1 2019.



Thanks, did see a few more regarding the same issue after I had posted, let’s pray for a quick fix, this is a super annoying bug :smiley: