Artist images broken for everyone else?

I was using volumio-2.861-2020-12-22-pi until today. Recently all of the artist images disappeared. Today I upgraded with a fresh install to volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-pi and the artist images never appeared. I’m wondering if the image database itself is down or the API changed. Is anyone else having this issue? I have internet connectivity (radio works, for example) so that’s not the issue.

Is it just me having this issue? Hard to believe it given that I rebuilt from scratch and the issue persisted.

Weird. I tested and no problem here. Have you changed something in your network setting?

Network seems to be working fine as I can play internet radio.

I think I solved the issue. I had “Web album art” de-selected because I don’t need or want album art from the web. If you click on the information button next to this control, it states “Enable retrieval of Album art from Web, if no image is found in the file folder”

There is zero mention that this applies to artist art as well!