Artist Artwork

I have been trying to understand why the downloading of artist artwork is so unreliable. Volumio fails to find artwork for many very common artists - in my case it includes artists like Celine DIon, Neil Diamond, Robin Thicke etc. In cases where it does find artwork it is showing an Album Cover rather than the Artist.

The reason for this seems to be that when an artist artwork is requested, the request includes the artistname twice… That means that the request is interpreted as a request for album artwork for <artist=astist> <album=artist>. The result is that if an artist has an album titled with just their name, it is found. If they don’t - it is not found. Examples:

Artist - Roy Orbison
Search - album-art ‘Roy Orbison’ ‘Roy Orbison’ ‘mega’
Result - artwork found

Artist - Robin Thicke
Search - album-art ‘Robin Thicke’ ‘Robin Thicke’ ‘mega’
Result - artwork NOT FOUND

Artist - Public Enemy
Search - album-art ‘Public Enemy’ ‘Public Enemy’ ‘mega’
Result - artwork NOT FOUND

Artist - Dire Straits
Search album-art ‘Dire Straits’ ‘Dire Straits’ ‘mega’
Result - artwork found

In ALL cases where artwork is not found there is no Album with a title consisting of the artists name. In ALL cases the correct artwork can be found by removing the repeated artists name.

I have had a look at the code and the only clue I can find is in …miscellania\albumart\index.js from line 97

if(data.album) album = nodetools.urlDecode(data.album); else album =artist;

I’m sure this could be sorted out very easily (or maybe just wishful thinking on my part :slight_smile: )

Good find, thanks!

One other thing I picked up related to this:

Last-FM does not seem to store anything with ‘&’ (ampersand) character in. It needs to be ‘and’. Therefor there should be code to replace ‘&’ with ‘and’ for the purpose of the lookup.


album-art ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ mega - Not found
album-art ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ mega - Found

album-art ‘Gladys Knight & the Pips’ mega - Not found
album-art ‘Gladys Knight and the Pips’ mega - Found

The searches are not case sensitive.

Just to finish this problem…

The problem was with the album-art in node.js. It has now been fixed and provided the node_modules/album art is updated it should work fine. I assume that the latest releases include the new version…