Artist Art issues with Volumio 3

I am having Artist Art issues on 3.198.

The Artist Art is missing for a few of my bands, if you go into ‘Artist’, but some of them are showing if you go into Music Library and access the server from there… but still not all are showing.

I have seen people mentioning things like /data/albumart/web/ but how do I access this??

I’m brand new to both raspberry pi and volumio, so just finding my feet. The artwork for the Albums is mostly fine, or I can add it to a folder, but I have no idea how to change the artist image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi mustang80, welcome to Volumio & it’s Community. :slight_smile:

I don’t really take a great deal of notice of artwork (sorry, I realise it is very important to a lot of people :slight_smile: ), what is your distinction between album and artist art, and where you see them (or not) in Volumio please?

pretty sure he means this:

Main UI => Artist

Doing the same via music library, they are filled:

FWIW, I’m on 3.198 (RPi) and, in the main view, not a single artist image is displayed, (I don’t have any local artist images and rely on whatever online service Volumio uses these days)

Today I flushed my artwork cache because a couple of recently added albumartists did not show. After flushing only approx. 2/3 of my (567) albumartists shows and it appears to be the same artists when I flush again. My albumart is OK but these are stored locally.
Could there be a problem with the web scrobbler?

Hi - Thanks for the reply!

I do like having artwork to accompany the music - There are other solutions I could use for just lists and filenames, so that’s one of the plus points of Volumio for me.
Although it does get a little irritating have artwork on some sections and not others.

In terms of Artist Vs Album…
If I click on ‘Artists’, I get artwork for some artists, but not others.
If I go through Music Library, I get the Images I have added to the artist folder, with the name coverart.jpg - but this doesn’t seem to translate to the Artist link on the sidebar, directly.

The album art shows just fine, either from the .jpg in the folder, or downloaded from the web - just not the artist art.

The Music Library section is a little less convenient, as you have to also click through Music Library > NAS > Server.

The artist link is strange - I get images for artists such as Marilyn Manson, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, Slipknot and The Beatles, but not for Twelve Foot Ninja, AFI, Beartooth, Dreamcar or Stone Sour.

I was just wondering if there was a way to edit the source for these files, or if I was just doing something completely wrong in these sections.

The weird thing is… I was sure there was an Image for AFI through this section, which has now disappeared and is showing a standard Volumio image. I’m not 100%, but I’m fairly sure it was through the Artist section.

I’ve just found out how to restart the Raspberry Pi remotely, which is handy as it’s all tucked out of the way, and I’ve had a few crashes with it.

If it matters:
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
32GB Micro SD (SanDisk)

Thanks agian!

I did this a couple of times, and THINK I got different artists showing artwork, and not others. I thought maybe this was due to naming conventions or something. I had to edit all my tags to add an albumartist, where there wasn’t one before. Some were filled, some weren’t. Depends on the source I guess.

I can confirm this is happening.
not sure what the different behaviour is between Music Library or going in via Artist.
All artist folders contains both artist.jpg and foldername.jpg

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Well I’m kind of glad it’s not just me… means I haven’t particularly done anything wrong, and I’m sure it will be fixed at some point.
Thank you to everyone for their feedback! :grinning:

yes, for me it’s not a high runner. Just cosmetics, I can wait until more crucial issues have been resolved. But your not alone :slight_smile:

100%! I’m having a lot of crashed at the moment (where browser and app don’t get a response), so am hoping that’s just a bug too. I’m going to try another SD card, though, just in case. If it’s a bug, I’d rather that be fixed before cosmetics.

Is it that if you put an artist.jpg image in the artist folder it will show (as with cover.jpg in the album folders)?
And what would be the contents of “foldername.jpg”?

I agree that this is just cosmetics but I don’t face other issues on my well used 3B w/ Allo Boss hat.

As example, Artist folder, Not a very unknown artist:



I get somehow…but why 2 files?

I just changed the name on one of the images to artist.jpg - No art appeared. I also tried the actual artist name with no change.

For some artist it did work. As it’s all scripted, better safe then sorry.

Right :grinning:
Do you know of free programme that can scrobble the net for artist images?

Never looked for it, I do everything via JRiver or MediaMonkey (+Addon MusicBrainz Not available for V5).
But there are plenty of folks here that will have some answers.

OK. Thanks alot

Just found that it’s already standard in MediaMonkey V5.
Auto-tag and Coverart lookup