Aripary 32dit dam1021

I want to use VOLUmio2 to play AriPary. There is no sound when pi I2s is connected to dam1021. I see that I want to force 32bit output on the Internet. But I don’t know how to write a program. Do any friends teach me every step? Thank you very much

I’m not sure you can do this, a quick google and the spec for the DAM1021 says it will only go up to 24bit

The dam1021 is a DAC module based on a discrete R-2R sign magnitude DAC design, with FPGA based FIFO buffering/reclocking and custom digital filters, < 1 ps jitter clock generator, with 28 bit resolution so there is headroom, oversampling up to 3.072 Mhz. Up to 24 bit / 384 Khz input from SPDIF, I2S and USB (via USB to I2S interface board), with isolation on the I2S interface. The board is very flexible, with digital volume control and filter parameters that can be downloaded. The board is fully firmware upgradable over a simple serial connection, which enable new features later on. Now full support for DSD when using firmware vers 1.05 or newer.

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