Hello everyone,

i’ve just tried Volumio on the Beaglebone Black and it’s really nice.

Has someone every tried to run an audio player (or even Volumio) on a acme systems arietta g25? ( )

I have tried to run mpd on debian on arietta but i get horrible pop and clicks from the usb audio card and i’m unable to find out why, the cpu isn’t overly stressed (max about 50% with aac, about 10-15% with mp3 songs) and ram usage is about 30mb out of 128mb.

That external audio card works fine with the beaglebone (for now i’m only trying various solutions and the audio card is part of an Acer monitor base, lusb reports C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM102-A+/102S+ Audio Controller ) and with my pc.

Thank you in advance.

Solved - sound problems were due to a bad usb cable.