Are you interested in building a native iOS app with the volumio interface embedded?

Hey there,

As you know volumio has a pretty solid web app that you can save on your home screen.

The only thing I dislike about web apps is that they reload every time you open them. They don‘t work in the background.

I solved this by embedding the volumio ui inside a web view inside a native iOS app.

It works seamlessly. The interface is much more responsive than the standard web app.

If enough people are interested I will make a tutorial. You can do this in 30 minutes.


Certainly interested.

Not an Apple user - but doesn’t this already exist – ‎Volumio on the App Store?
Or is that different/doesn’t server the purpose?

We are currently looking for an app developer (native + react native, ios and android).
If you are interested drop me a mail at info at volumio dot org :wink:

Interested but all thumbs when it comes to this stuff. I’d give it a shot though.

I got this solved,…

@serjio spammer :face_with_monocle:?

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looks like it :expressionless: