apt-get dist-upgrade?

I’m wondering if it is a good idea to do apt-get dist-upgrade to volumio.
I’ve tried several times but all tries lead to an non-working system.
Is there a guide for upgrading the base system or are there hints what to do?

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I have done it, it works. Do an apt-get update before.

I did that before. The problem is that after dist-upgrade I cannot access the web interface anymore. I get an nginx 404 error. The config points to correct location but fastcgi seems not to listen to port 9000 anymore.

I had he same during the upgrade process and it came back to normal after completion an reboot.
Did you keep the original config files when you were asked by the system if you wanted to replace them with newer ones? Especially for Nginx.

Yes I kept original configs. :frowning: