Apple Music support?

Apple Music to support lossless audio and spatial audio, Dolby Atmos.

Worth noting that lossless support is part of the base product; there’s no upcharge.

+1 for Apple Music support.

With the new lossless service, the more direct the route into decent playback gear, the better (ie as opposed to via airplay from a phone).

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We would love to integrate Apple music, but so far we could not access any SDK that makes it possible… An SDK is the part we need to understand how to talk with a service and stream audio from it. Usually we receive directly from the service which allows us to access it

Will the volumio handle Apple Music +

+1 Hope Apple makes the sdk public soon, certainly with hifi coming :slight_smile:

If/when integration for these big streaming apps are available (i.e. apple music, amazon, youtube), will they be exclusive to Volumio premium like Tidal and Qobuz integration?

very likely, because these kind of integrations require substantial development & testing effort and then there is also a certification process involved in some of the cases. All-in-all very time consuming and not always as easy as it looks.

The SDK looks available for download under the ‘android’ section

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@Juan_P It already been explained.

I hope also someone develop a plugin for apple music, now I can only stream cd quality with airplay. Good enough but hi-res playback would be nice.

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Are we sure it is lossless with Airplay ?

Just tried the much rumoured ‘lossless’ music via the Apple Music app on iPhone, using Airplay on my Volumio powered DAC. In the new iOS version (14.6) you should first enable lossless downloads and playback in Preferences > Music. Not all available albums are in lossless format yet, but Apple promises that by the end of this year this will be fixed. So how does it sound? Definitely as HD (CD quality), so a significant improvement in many cases. A smaller selection of albums is available in bitrates up to 24 / 192 kHz, but read John Darko’s worthwhile note on why for now it remains rather theoretical to properly feed all these bits in your hifi system. It is nice to see that Volumio correctly displays the cover art of music played in the Apple Music app. Still, if one day integration in Volumio would become possible this would be much nicer of course. Hope Spotify will follow soon with lossless, as I prefer the interface of their app more, and actually also the company itself.

Apple describes on their support pages that one can get highres (24/196) music out of an iPhone by using their lightning to USB dongle and an external DAC. Darko demonstrates this using a Dragonfly USB DAC. Would it be in any way possible to feed this signal into a Rpi4/DAC hat combination (e.g. RaspDAC Mini LCD)? Just holding off buying the dongle until I’m sure it will work… Thanks!

i think you mean 24bit 96khz… and yes the dragonfly’s can do that. and you could just put the dragonfly into your pi and with mini jack to your system… but getting a signal into a pi would need a abo of volumio how to do that i don’t know most of the time it’s out of the rpi
but why putting it back into a rpi? dragonfly dac already gives a good sound…
btw ali express has cheap usb dacs and sound even as good… 4 less ( dutch habbit )

btw i have 3 dragonfly’s black, red and cobalt… i bought them before this was released.

Hi DVO, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I meant 24-bit/192kHz, which is the highest quality that (some) of Apple Music tracks are coded in. I do have a Volumio Superstar abo, but I was just wondering if the iPhone +USB/Lightning dongle connected via USB to the Pi/DAC would show up in Volumio just like an external sound card (I tried an older Griffin iMic USB, which is indeed correctly recognised by Volumio as a sound card, but it is quite old does not seem to support high bitrates). I don’t have a Dragonfly lying around (they seem quite nice though, but like you say quite expensive too). In my opinion, a Pi+DAC-hat could qualify as an ‘external DAC’, as described by Apple–but there their support stops. It seems that the company is not really interested in HiRes, and even does not provide proper support of it. They seem much more concerned with hyping the Dolby Atmos format, which locks users even further in their ecosystem.

dragonfly dac go to 96khz not 192khz…
(Red), 44.1kHz (Green), 48kHz (Blue), 88.2kHz (Amber), 96kHz (Magenta), MQA (Purple)
a dac hat can go higher than the dragonfly’s all fly’s sound good black, red a bit warmer and cobalt a
little bit clearer but it’s a little bit not a big difference.
dolby atmos is more movie sound…

I did not know that. This makes it even more sad, because this means then that so far there is no straightforward way to get the 24/196 tracks out of Apple Music without any downsampling involved. I hope (but do not expect soon) that Apple will come up with a workable solution. Knowing Apple, this will involve new hardware, made by… Apple.

I am in of s/o could build a plug in for Apple Music. Would spend easily 20Euro to buy it.
Apple openly announced that 24/192 will only be available via a DAC.
Volumio, Cambridge, etc are ideal,platforms to realize an own plugin.
Who will have it first and can convince apple to support with a marketing message will get the business with the apple hifi enthusiasts.