App unreliable...

Been using volumio for a month or so and I absolutely love it for Spotify and web radio. In fact, I have now got 3 Rasberry Pi’s running Volumio on my home network. The issue is, its just not reliable enough at the moment and I’d like to know how I can get it running more smoothly.
I use the Android app and the web browser on my laptop.

Often when I press the device icon to try and switch between devices the device I want doesn’t show up even though its switched on and working. If I go into my router settings and look at the connected devices I can see the device there. If I note the IP address and I enter this manually into the browser I can then access the device which I was unable to see in the app and I am able to control it from the browser. This obviously is a bit of a ball ache as I have to to this each time and I’m not great at remembering IP addresses…

“Volumio/local” used to work but not it won;t load, I get the following message: “This site can’t be reachedvolumio.local’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

I’d like to just be able to use the android app or go to volumio/local and for all the devices to just show up and to be able to select between them easily.

Is it my network setup at fault? Are there other common issues that can cause the sort of issues I ave described? I am using wireless LAN as the method of connection for each device.

Would love to get this working properly. It’s extremely frustrating and tedious as it is now :frowning:

Have you noticed if reliability has anything to do with your distance to the server? Noticed with an Octoprint server in the house that the rPi wireless range isn’t great.

The URL would be volumio.local
not volumio/local as you’ve written in your post.

It does sound like a networking issue, it seems like your router isn’t doing name lookups.
You can connect by IP address OK, but not by name.
Try restarting the router (I’m assuming it’s your DHCP server and is doing the name lookups too).

I meant “Volumio.local”.

I used to be able to use this but it’s become really hit and miss