API: trigger mpd.conf creation

Hi everyone,
in my Project i use Cava for Spectrum visualization.
Therefore Cava needs two Fifo Outputs in /etc/mpd.conf
Sometimes these entrys get lost…

I used /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/mpd.conf.tmpl to “push” the two needed Fifo-Outputs to the /etc/mpd.conf (I included the needed lines there…)

Is there any way to trigger this process by an api? Without the need to go the manual way through the WebUI?
I want to implement a fallback, so if the fifo outputs are missing, then the “mpd.conf creating/pushing”-process should be triggerd.

Hope you can understand what i meant… ^^

Best Wishes,


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Have a look at Command to regenerate mpd.conf - #8 by ashthespy :slight_smile:

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Awesome!!! Many Thanks @ashthespy :heart_eyes: