API ‘removeFromQueue’ causing problems

I have an album in the queue.
I play the track that’s in, for example, position 5.
A ‘volumio status’ reports that the track playing is indeed in position 5.
Using the U.I. I now remove a track that is before position 5 (let’s say position 3) by clicking on it’s cross in the queue.
A ‘volumio status’ now reports that it is playing track position 4.
I assume that Volumio has somehow recalculated the queue.

If, however, whilst playing track position number 5, I remove track position 3 using api ‘removeFromQueue’ instead of via the U.I. - there seems to be no recalculation - volumio gets confused, and ‘volumio status’ still returns position 5.

Is there a way to ‘recalculate’ the queue after an api removal?

Why would it be needed? quickly out of my head i cant think any use case for the “position”.(You can get the position correctly always by observing the Queue, and then use the queue to calculate the position of currently playing song, this is by far more robust than trusting the “position” which is in many cases just wrong)

reordering the queue messes it up aswell, then volumio prefetches wrong songs and go to artist/album goes to well wrong album and artist…

I had noticed a few people grumbling that there was no longer a ‘consume’ function within Volumio so I thought it might be the basis of a simple plugin, just to keep the brain cells ticking over.
I’ve played about a bit - but run into the problem outlined above.
It’s no big deal for me… up until now I’ve personally never given queue consuming a second thought!

One thing I’ve wondered since looking at this though… If random is on, is there a chance that a track maybe played more than once if there is no ‘consuming’?

I can’t remember if it was labeled as shuffle or random, but if it’s random then yes it could play same song even 100 times in a row, if the song is not consumed(=removed) after playing it.

Perhaps that’s what people were complaining about, I’m not sure. Anyway it looks like this consume plugin is going to stay at 90% finished!

If it’s due to the position being wrong, i believe it will eventually get fixed, it breaks so many features in volumio that it’s bit silly it’s not been fixed allready.