Anyone tried Lindemann DAC?

Hi, I have a Lindemann DAC that supports 24/192 files, I know the Raspberry pi is limited to 24/96 files, but I was interested if Volumio and/or the Raspberry were compatible with this DAC.

I am thinking to buy a Raspberry and make it a cheap streamer using Volumio, but if i can’t use it with my Lindemann DAC, it would be a waste of money.


It is written here:

I don’t know if a CUBOX, UDOO or Beagle offer the same… I’m new on this forum and like you I’m looking for a platform to buy.
I would say even if RasberryPi is not the most powerful technically (small CPU,…) it seems it has the most active community out there and available extensions.
Thus for the moment I’m not yet decided but the RasberryPI is on my top list with a Intel NUC which cost 3 times more than the PI. However when you know the PI would be a device dedicated to drive a DAC 50 or 100 times more costly, I cannot avoid me to have a smile on my face :slight_smile: