Any way to modify displayed metadata?

Hi all,

I’m writing a little plugin to update metadata for some webradio not giving metadata in stream.
I managed to get current “real” metadata, detect wanted stream but can’t find a way to “push” my informations to webUI (or MPD?).

If anyone knows where to look, I’ll be glad to finish this test plugin.

Thank you for reading

– EDIT –
git repo:

Thanks for your contribution! But in order to make plugin usable, you have to provide a zip file that contains all required files to your plugin.
Please have a look here

Thanks for guidelines reminder but I don’t want it to distribute it. I’d like to display modified metadata. I gave repo url to help understanding.


I wanted to +1 this request for information as I have been looking into doing the same thing and have not been able to figure out how to “inject” the info to mpd or “push” it to the UI.

I read the dev intro thread ( and there is talk about retrieving metatada from an external source, is there any more info on this particular subject?

Anybody has any pointers?

Thanks for your interest and thanks for all the dev around Volumio